Hamburg World Team Relay Champs – Race Rundown

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Individual race a low, but what a ripper in the World Team Relay champs!

So the individual race in the Hamburg World Series didn’t go the way I had planned. Initially everything was on track; I had some good sessions the week before and things were looking up! I had a little sore throat and chesty cough leading up but managed to clear that a few days before the race. The whole time I felt flat and in all honesty I can’t put my finger on it, I made some wrong decisions and they were costly as I missed all bunches in the swim and the bike. I had an ok run but nothing near to what I’m capable of. End result… 45th – YIKES!!

I got over that quickly because the next day was the World Team Relay champs! We have a very strong team, unlike other teams there is no weak link within us. We get as nervous as anything during this race because we have a lot of pressure on each other and don’t want to let the team down.

So the format for this race is: 300m Swim, 6km bike, then 1600m run, then tag the next person, 2 girls, 2 boys.

Andrea Hewitt went first and put us in a good position – 3rd. Followed by myself, I kept that going as we broke away leaving just 5 of us at the front; Great Britain, Aussies, USA, Swiss and us. The Swiss guy managed to crash going around the last corner of the bike which nearly took me out! I quickly got back on the bike but was 15 seconds down. A fast run had to be on the cards to put Kate in with a chance of keeping us up near the top, and so I did! I ran down the USA runner and just about caught the Aussie, my work was done and by god it was hard. It’s funny how much you can give when other athletes are relying on you. Kate had a blinder and kept us up in 2nd. So it was all down to the Sizzling Sissons! Only problem was that the Germans had caught us. I had full faith in Ryan but with a home crowd advantage for the Germans, anything could happen. USA, Germany and New Zealand broke away from the pack to vie for the lead. It was all on and we hit second place! It was such a great day and everyone was so happy! We couldn’t have asked for much more. Our team is brilliant and we were left with a massive medal – We’re now looking to be a gold contender in next year’s Commonwealth games!

Anyway now it is time for some R and R for a few days with my best mates then for the final showdown in London!

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