Auckland World Series Race Rundown – 7th Place!

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A quick recap of the weekend’s race!

Well everything went to plan! I didn’t worry about the result, but was very focused on following the process to perfection.

We had been training at altitude for 3 weeks prior to this race and really wanted to see if the timing of coming off altitude would work well, so we could use it for later on in the season with the Commonwealth Games qualifying race in London. The squad had been training really well together and Ryan Sissons and myself had been really pushing each other, which is exactly what the High Performance squad is all about.

So the swim was no problem. I sat in pretty well and made sure I was near the front. I wasn’t sure how the bike was going to go but after attacking the first hill I knew I was in great form, so I pushed the bike the whole way, which felt awesome. We had about 15 in our group for more than half the ride, then another group caught up to us.

The goal coming off the bike was to stay with the front guys and stay with them for as long as I could, and well, I tried! Haha. It was so cool being at the front of the race and I would much rather be there actually trying to win than starting off slowly and maybe come in at 5th or 6th with a strong finish. I only managed to keep up for about 3km, but after that I didn’t fade as much as I thought which was great. I did blow up however and god did that last 7km hurt!

I also gained a 15 second time penalty for not putting my goggles in the box in transition, which was niggly to say the least! So I took that in the third lap.

And so I got 7th place! My best result yet and my fastest run time of 30.46 for 10km (this is minus the 15 second time penalty).

Now I’m trying to recover and take this week easy as I’m off to Ishigaki in Japan on Wednesday for the next World Cup in the weekend. We shall see how this goes off this hard race! But I have got a lot of confidence now and looking forward to another big challenge!



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