3rd Place and New Zealand Champ at Oceania Champs!

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A great weekend of racing in Wellington has secured me the New Zealand Champion and 3rd in Oceanias for 2013!

Very happy with the title and that the things I’ve been working on have come together, but it came at a huge amount of pain! Big shout out to fellow athlete and mate, Ryan Sissons, who unluckily cut his foot on a glass bottle in the warm up and couldn’t start, so gutting! But I have no doubt he will be back in strong form for the Auckland World Series in 4 weeks!

To start the swim was full on, but I was out in the top 3 and we put on a good little lead with a breakaway group of 12 which was a great start. Unfortunately as soon as I got on the bike my legs were cooked! I couldn’t pull as many turns as I wanted to so decided, “Hey if I want to win, I’m going to the back and sitting in to save my legs.” so that’s what I did.

Coming onto the run it went out very fast and I thought, “this is not good if this is going to be the pace!” But I sat in and waiting for the pace to ease up a bit, and by the time we got to the 3km it was Aron Royle, Peter Kerr (both from Aussie), and me!

It was going to come down to the wire – the Aussie/Kiwi battle for top spots in Oceania! The pace from there was surge/slow down/surge… and so on. After this went on for a while I couldn’t keep up with their surges so sat at my own pace and caught up a few times. This is something that I have been working a lot on – mental toughness when things get tough, being able to control myself and keep pushing!

Onto the last lap and hearing my name getting cheered on from the crowd was awesome! But then the Aussies surged again and I couldn’t go with them. I kept my own pace again to see if I could catch up but that surge seemed to get them the gap they needed. So full credit to those guys, they know what to do to win!

Over the finish line I was a little pissed off with my result, but after a few hours I began to realise this things I did right. I definitely pushed myself and the way I was feeling during the race was not awesome so was absolutely thrilled to come away with a result like that.

Now I am heading back to Wanaka where I will be heading up to altitude training again at the Snow Farm for three weeks prior to the first big race of the season: the World Triathlon Series in Auckland. It’s on the 6th and 7th of April so if you are around come down to the cloud and check it out! We still have many more Doddsy Tshirts to sell in support… 🙂



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  • Steve McDonald says:

    Brilliant result Doddsy, great work. Very proud of you. Best wishes for World Series in Auckland.
    Will try and catch up with you at Wanaka at Easter.
    Steve McD

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