NZ Sprint Champs & Oceania Team Champs Race Rundown

My second race of the season was the NZ Sprint Champs and Oceania Team Champs in Kinloch. Coming into this race I felt tired once again from our altitude training camp but overall I was pretty relaxed. The swim didn’t start awesome as I got the navigation wrong, which meant I ended up on the back of the front pack fighting to hang on. I sprinted through transition and caught up with everyone, but as I jumped on my bike I hit another guy and managed to come off and couldn’t get my feet in the shoes…

Next try! Jumped on, got my feet in and maxed out to try and catch up. I sprinted until I caught up to the front bunch going up the hill. As we came down the hill I tried making my way to the front, but we had to make a hard turn and I clipped someone else’s wheel and came off… BUGGER!

I tried to get up as quickly as I could to catch that group again, but as I got up my foot was caught in my back wheel and I just couldn’t get my coordination together. I tried ripping my foot out, but as I did my ankle gave a little tweak. By this stage I was a little grazed up, and by the time I had got sorted it was too late to continue, so my race was over!

Disappointing, but I have my next ITU race in Geelong, and then the big race, Auckland World Series, in April! So stay tuned…


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