WIN for Doddsy – Doddsy International Run Down

So getting back into racing again after my appendicitis, Wanaka was going to be my first challenge. Especially since this was MY race, and we had put up $10,000 to anyone that could beat me, it was going to be a big one!

Not sure how I was going to go – I felt very tired and weak leading up to the race, but as racing goes, that doesn’t mean anything when the adrenaline takes over! Starting the race we had a good break away of 4 of us on the bike and managed to put about 30 seconds on the next group which included Ryan Sissons – big competition for me – and on the last couple laps he managed to strain his calf muscle! He still managed to run through it so big ups and a huge thanks to him for racing it.

I ran very strong and won the race convincingly, my first win of the season and a first here in Wanaka! The $10,000 I raised now goes to Cystic Fibrosis Southland which I couldn’t be happier about!

There was a massive crowd and I enjoyed every bit of it, especially seeing all the Doddsy T-shirts everywhere. Usually we have a big night after the race to celebrate, but for me it was straight back up to the Snow Farm where we were training with the NZ team at the altitude camp!

A fantastic start to my 2013 season!


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