Home Town Favorite Wins ‘Doddsy Challenge’

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Home town favourite Tony Dodds pushed through to win the Contact Tri Series round at Wanaka, given the nickname ‘Doddsy Challenge‘.

Dodds for the past few years have put an added incentive to the event with $10,000 cash going to the winner, provided by his supporters and Wanaka business owners. With the catch being if Doddsy wins the prize money, it will go to his charity – Cystic Fibrosis.

The race started full of action with a group of 4 riders breaking away including Dodds, leaving favorite Ryan Sissons 25 seconds behind chasing. The group unfortunately couldn’t close the gap to the Dodds group,with Robert Huisman, Mike Phillips, former Youth Olympic Games gold medallist Aaron Barclay holding their advantage over the Sissons group.

On the last lap of the bike Sissons started to cramp and came to a halt, holding his left calf. Sission’s lost over a minute before riding on, but this was the end of his race. Which left the Dodds to win the race for the first time, ensuring that the $10,000 prize money put up by his supporters would go to his charity,Cystic Fibrosis. A promise that Tony Dodds had made when supporters and business owners put up money three years ago.

“That is so good, really special to win today – at last! The crowd was just so loud and so incredible throughout, especially passing through the main part of town twice on the run. To be honest I was trying not to think too much about it when I was running through, I had to concentrate.” said Dodds

New Zealand U23 athlete Mike Phillips ran strongly to finish in second place, while McMaster went onto finish a strong third.

Contact Tri Series – Wanaka

Elite Men – 750m swim/20km bike/5km run
1 Tony Dodds – 54:30
2 Mike Phillips –  55:04
3 Bryce McMaster – 55:19
4 Robert Huisman –   55:49
5 Aaron Barclay- 56:34

Elite Women– 750m swim/20km bike/5km run
1 Kate McIlroy-  58:05
2 Nicky Samuels- 58:35
3 Rebecca Kingsford-  58:51
4 Maddie Dillon- 1:02:21
5 Nicole Van der Kaay-  1:03:34

Picture courtesy of Mike Heydon.

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