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3rd June 2016. Tony Dodds has enjoyed or maybe endured at times a whirlwind week since his name was read out as part of the Triathlon team to head to the Rio Olympic Games. We catch up with the Wanaka athlete as he settles back into training and life at his base in Cambridge, finding him looking back on a week of reflection and wanting to ‘get on with training’.

This past week or so has been a chance to take the moment to celebrate but also I have wanted to get in to training, so it has been a funny kind of half and half feeling, I’m not sure how to describe it. I thought I had taken all the calls and emails and responded to social media when a surprise party happened with about 100 people there. I had a hint or two of something happening but friends, family and supporters from all around New Zealand and Australia turned up, it was an amazing night.

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