2015: My Tri Year Thus Far

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Sorry it’s been a while since I have updated you all, it’s been all go! We are now over in Font Remeu (altitude training for 4 weeks). This year has been going to plan very well, the first year where I’ve stuck to my year plan so far, and I’ve reaped the benefits! I’ve now had four races for the season, got a 4th at Mooloolaba World Cup, 10th in the World Triathlon Series Auckland, 11th in the Gold Coast World Series, and last weekend an 8th in the London World Series. One problem I’ve had in the past is consistency, and this year I’ve really improved that and shown all my work over the past 10 years is paying off (yes it has taken that long).

I’ve changed a lot of things in terms of training and my surroundings this year, I’ve gone by the saying “if you keep doing the same thing, you will keep getting the same results”. There have been so many factors as to why I’ve started the year well and keep getting better: I’ve finally found out what works for me, I’ve put myself first on what I think needs to be done (within training) and let nothing come in between that, yes it sounds very ignorant, and something I’ve always felt I didn’t want to be, but when it comes to training and racing at the elite high level in the world, this is exactly what you need to be. Independent, self reliant, ignorant, confident, determined, self focused. Buuuuuuut in saying that, when it comes to life outside of triathlon I’m the exact opposite (I think, and hopefully my friends and family will agree!) I love the odd beer, and make sure that I get out and socialise when I can as it makes a whole lot of difference to the mind and body.

Anyway it’s been a good start to the year and hoping to continue my progress, I have now one top 8 at a WTS race so two more and it’s Olympic qualifying!!!

Thanks all for the support back home, I will try to stay connected as best as possible.

Photo: Andrea Hewitt and I at icebath time – she insisted it was big enough for two!!!

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