Race Update: London May 31st 2015

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It didn’t start off too great, I was an absolute mess all morning! I spilt my coffee all over my bed, then my porridge over the floor, picked up the milk bottle and spilled that too! I then got a puncture on the way to the race, then my race suit was not going to be allowed to race with! But me being me I didn’t get stressed about it, I just kept on trucking and eventually made it to the start line.

I started beside Richard Varga (best swimmer in triathlon), but you may know him as we were the ones that had a little “squabble” in the Gold Coast race. We are friends and hold no hard feelings, but it was quite funny. As we approached 200m into the swim everyone thought we got into another fisty cuffs in the water, but really we just swam over top of one another. Triathlon swimming is crazy, we don’t try and fight or hit anybody but we are definitely not going to take it either. We both apologised again after the race – triathlon swimming is brutal!

I came out in the front bunch again, great feeling. We managed about a 30 second lead on the bike coming into transition 2. I got off quick and ran out pretty hard, if you watched the race you know how hard I ran out 😉  I was always going to go out hard. I found myself at the front, but instead of sitting back I felt good and thought “you know what, I’m going to take it to them, confuse them a bit, and make them hopefully doubt their own abilities”. (Really I just wanted to be at the front of the race). So for 2km I did this, such a great feeling, but obviously it was way too hard, and Alistar Brownlee then just sprinted past me and demolished us all.

From then it was survival mode for me! I came home in 8th place, a great result, maybe if I paced myself I might have been 15th OR I might have been 3rd, who knows unless you try something hey! You will never catch these guys so you have to go with them from the start,that’s my theory anyway!

Hope you all enjoyed it, I surely did…..obviously not the last 2km though. Here’s to another top eight finish (or better) real soon, and Olympic qualifying!

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