Kinloch Race Rundown!

So the first race of the season is always a tester; it lets me see where I’m at. I was expecting another hard work out and that’s exactly what it was. I think it was a near perfect race in terms of what I wanted to achieve, so it was an awesome start to the season!

Swim was as usual, coming out in the lead! When heading out on the bike we had a little break away, but it felt like I was in a bit of no man’s land as the bunch was chasing. Luckily Tom Davison broke away from his bunch and chased me down. Tom and I then worked together, but not for long as he pulled away from me going solo by himself! So after the bike it was Tom leading by a minute then myself, Ryan Sissons, and Aussie Brendon Sexton. We were a lot stronger than the others and managed to hold a gap on the rest of the field.

Then it was down to the run… had a little mishap in transition leaving my bike shoe on the road. But that didn’t matter too much, as I managed to run down Brendon in a couple of hundred meters, then I caught Sissons. Then it was time to test what we really had been training for – head to head at a strong tempo. I took the lead once I passed him and just kept the tempo going. But old Sissons is smarter than the average bear. He timed his run to perfection as he out-sprinted me in the last 400m and I couldn’t go with his kick! However, I picked up some valuable tips, and I’m stoked to come home 2nd! We have been pushing each other a lot in training and that’s what this reminded me of, running side by side all day.

We now have a week in Cambridge then head down to Christchurch for the next ITU race in Pegasus on Sunday. This race is a slightly different format – we start with a super sprint heat in the morning then a few hours’ later fourteen participants from each heat advance to the finals! So it’s going to be speedy!

Thanks to all my sponsors, friends, family and fans for your continued support!



2 Responses to Kinloch Race Rundown!

  • Alan Smith says:

    Good work Doddsy. Looking forward to watching you guys fight it out on Sunday at Pegasus!!

  • Jackie says:

    You can do it Doddsy! Great to read about the training regime and how it’s helping you achieve results. I love the banter about your mate Ryan – and wonder who will reign supreme on Sunday. All the very best of luck…sorry I can’t be in the cheer-leading crew but I believe there are others happy to oblige!

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