Thanks 2013, hello 2014!

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Happy New Year to everyone! Hope everybody has had a relaxed and enjoyable break, or if you are still on it have a beer for me!

We are currently up on a training camp at the Snow Farm in Wanaka for the next 3 weeks. I’m with the High Performance Team and it’s a great way to set a good training block up for the year. Hasn’t been the greatest weather down here yet though, but I believe it will come…just waiting.

After some reflection on last year I feel very lucky to have you all as sponsors, friends, family and fans. I believe you have to have a good relationship and balance with all. That’s one thing Dylan McNeice has taught me a lot about: BALANCE IS KEY. I recently had a coffee with a sponsor and it’s comforting to know how people can get on and talk about almost anything! I would love to do more to help out my sponsors this year, as I believe it’s not a one way thing – that’s what I try teach/tell/explain to the younger ones rising up. You have to think of sponsors from their point of view: “what will this athlete do for the company, what can they do for us?”

Triathlon NZ has now set up a Sponsorship deal with Specialized bikes which I am proud to be a part of. I’ve had a good two years with Fuji bikes and am excited to move on to Specialized this year. It’s going to be awesome riding the new Specialized Venge this year on the World Circuit!

2014 will be a massive year once again. I’m especially looking forward to the Commonwealth Games, taking place in Glasgow in July. The trials will be held at the Auckland World Series in April, so I hope you can all make it if you‘re around!

Click here to view my 2014 schedule.

There has been a lot of speculation about the Triathlon NZ squad recently. People have been wondering about the base, where it has been set up, who’s in it and so on. But I would like to reassure you we have the best set up we could possibly have in my eyes, especially with the coaches and facilitators around us. We have Tim Brazier, my personal and lead swim coach who is always with us – he’s one of the most experienced swim tri coaches on the circuit! We also have Greg Fraine, the lead NZ coach and bike coach – he won silver at the Commonwealth Games in 1986. And our run coach is Jon Brown who represented Britain at the Sydney and Athens Olympics and was 4th at both of them….let’s say he was the fastest white man alive at a marathon in his time!

So we have a very good team around us and training has changed a lot. It’s become a lot more intense than this time last year, but hey, CHANGE IS GOOD!

I thank you all who have made this possible for me to achieve my dreams and goals. Let’s keep the journey going!

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