ITU World Triathlon Series: Race Run Down

It was a day where I had all the confidence in the world that I would do well. I was ready, this was going to be my peak race of the season, I trained well for it and was ready.

Before it we sat down and strategized for the race – it was decided that I needed to be in the front bunch as every World Series race has a breakaway group and if you weren’t in it the race was lost.

So that was where I needed to be. I got out of the swim made it into the breakaway group, yes! All I had to do was sit in on the bike and not do any work – let the Brownlees brothers do it all (and they did). Usually the breakaway can get about 1min lead on the bike but it wasn’t enough, for a start we were only 35sec ahead. I was still confident in my run though (which was plan B).

But before I could get off the bike I ran into a slight problem…..about 3km to go and I got a flat tyre!! I thought “what the f&*%, all that to get a flat tyre now!” I tried very hard to stay in the front bunch even with the flat, but you can’t take any corners fast at all as the back wheel just slips away on you. So by the time I got into transition 2 I had lost the front bunch and the chase bunch were right on my heels!

Then my run was an absolute shambles. After all my training and being in such great form all I could think was “what is happening, why do I feel like this?” I pushed through harder to try find my form… But nope, still nothing. Really annoying as my run was there, but just not on the day. It broke me, it was the one race where I was set up for a perla.

So I finished up about 37th. Disappointing end to my season, but I learnt a lot of lessons and have the confidence to breakthrough next year – I know I can do it. If you want to win you have to be near the front of the race, there’s no coming from behind in the run to win at this level.

I have two more weeks until I go home, and one last race in Nice, France for the French Grand Prix. Right now we are in Glasgow doing some recon for the Commonwealth Games (looking over the course etc).

Thank you all for your ongoing support, finally I have made it through the whole season! And next year will be better yet again, I’m always tracking in the right direction.


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  • Alan Smith says:

    Thanks for the recap. I was wondering what happened toward the end of the bike as one moment you were right there and then coming into transition you were 100m+ back!! Thanks for the explanation!

    How was it having the J Brownlee sticking their finger in your face telling you to get up the front on the bike!! You seemed to do well to ignore him!!

    Still bloody proud of you – it’s a tough thing you do!! Well done!!

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